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"Average" teens are often underestimated!

That is one reason why the #TLTMovement exists.


We are determined to train TLT- Tomorrow's Leaders Today who soar with excellence far above average.


TLT's unique distraction-free environment was created so others can get to know the authentic you while building respectful relationships.


TLT's atmosphere is supper charged with positivity and possibility.

Let’s keep it that way by embracing the DRESS FOR SUCCESS CODE.

Your cooperation will ensure we all enjoy our time together!


Besides, you're awesome no matter what you wear!

Q: What is the clothes vibe at TLT?

A: Since TLT is a leadership training, think business casual meets comfy casual. Your future awaits and you never know who you will meet that will help you on your path to success! Key pointers: loose clothing (but ladies, not too loose to be revealing.)


Q: Are there things I should not pack?

A: So glad you asked! Here are some “what to leave at home” items…

GUYS: cut-up muscle tanks/clothing with see-through holes or rips with skin showing through above the knee

GIRLS: TOPS – strapless (unless worn under something), see-through, skin-tight, reveals cleavage (when standing or bending over), shows mid-drift/stomach area (especially when arms are raised) BOTTOMS - skin-tight yoga pants/leggings/skinny jeans (unless worn with a shirt that is fingertip length), any shorts or rompers not fingertip length (with arms by your sides & shoulders lowered), holes or rips with skin showing through anywhere above the knee.


Q: What ABOUT beach or swimwear?

A: This is a doozy of a question, especially for Florida people! TLT STAND is 3 action-packed days. Bathing suits may be needed for a beach activity or during free time.

GUYS: pair a tank top with swim shorts covering your bare chest & stomach. Hey, it's only fair since girls like to admire skin and muscles just as much as guys do.

GIRLS: think sporty not sexy (tank top with board shorts or tankini with swim skirt works great to not draw attention to cleavage, stomach, and rear!)


Q: WHAT IF I choose NOT to “Dress For Success”?

A: Touchy subject, wouldn’t you say? You should know that the TLT Directors and IMPACT Team members have the authority and responsibility to help you “Dress for Success.” TLT Candidates will be asked to change immediately, or in certain situations, appropriate coverage will be provided.

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