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The TLTMovement is working with local school networks and community groups to provide students the opportunity to step into roles of leadership and bring about a culture of excellence within their circle of influence. Through TLT Club students are able to connect with their fellow classmates and peers, through teamwork, to build individual leadership skills and step into their unique purpose.

Through the structure of TLT Club youth are able to initiate school-wide, community-wide, state-wide and even global missions to bring about positive impact in the lives of others and themselves. Whether you are a part of a homeschool network, attending public school, or active in a community group starting TLT Club is a great opportunity to lead within your social sphere.

Getting started has been made simple to allow TLT to feel confident in their abilities and equip with all the resources they desire. If you are interested in starting TLT Club in your school or community you can begin today! Check out the Getting Started Overview below to see what things need to be completed to begin registering your TLT Club.

1. Identify a Sponsor

A faculty sponsor must be named on the startup form, each club must be supervised by a faculty sponsor

2. Get Nominated 

Every student listed on the student form must provide a faculty or adult written recommendation.

3. Build Team

Identify 4 students who are also interested in leading TLT Club must be listed on the startup form.


Thanks for submitting!



Our initiatives are making a difference in  our schools, communities, and various places around the world where TLT have decided to take action.

TLT Training

Events & Mentorship

Equipping  TLT to stand in their identity, live with purpose and impact their world.

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Wisdom Keepers

Gleaning Wisdom

from Seniors

IInitiative to connect teens with seniors during interactive nterviews to preserve their wisdom

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