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Next-Level Training for
Tomorrow's Leaders Today!

Lead the next generation through serving leadership, emotional intellegence, conflict resolution and many more life skills not taught in basic education.
GET READY TO LEVEL UP - Achieve life success and make a difference in your world! TLT LEAD is the annual summer conference that equips Tomorrow’s Leaders Today with elite leadership training and impactful mentorship to soar with purpose. 

YOU ARE THE NOW - Become the leader you were born to be!
TLT LEAD has been uniquely designed for you to experience 6 unique years of high-impact training and exponential growth in a fun-filled, positively charged environment that’s like a party for 5-days.

DON’T MISS OUT - Alumni registration is now open for summer 2024!
TLT's alumni summer training is around the corner. Join us July 15-19th in Pompano Beach, Florida for a sleep-away training and mentorship opportunity you will never forget. 
TLT Alumni leading the net generation

JULY 15-19, 2024



6 unique categories for extended development and training for young leaders

TLT LEAD is a 6-year program with a different curriculum each year.

This allows students to continue to attend TLT throughout high school and some college, gaining new knowledge every year. 

Vision: Gain a greater understanding of the vision you have for your life. Focus on dreams, passion, and purpose.

Growth: Focus on emotional intelligence and conflict resolution to grow in relationships and within. During the younger years of life, getting a jump start on growth will put you lightyears ahead of those who remain stagnant.

Leadership: Learn the value of being a serving leader and the tools to be a better leader in your life. Putting others first is the best way to lead!

Alignment:  Aligning your mindset with your lifestyle towards your goal is the best way to achieve your dreams.

Wealth: Learn how to manage time and money. This valuable information will help you be smart and successful in the future.

Wellness: Focus on health and wellness. Fitness challenges, cooking contest, and nutritional education is the theme of this year. A healthy lifestyle + A healthy mind = Success!



  1. Explore the Foundations: Dive into the core principles of leadership, service, and purpose that will help you thrive throughout your life.

  2. Connect with TLT Alumni: Hear inspiring stories and insights from our accomplished alumni who have harnessed these tools to create meaningful impacts in their own lives and the lives of those they serve.

  3. Engage in Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops and activities designed to help you apply these tools to your unique path.

  4. Forge New Connections: Build relationships with fellow participants who share your passion for leadership and service, creating a supportive community to help you grow.

  5. Define Your Purpose: Begin the process of uncovering your own unique purpose and how it aligns with your leadership aspirations.

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