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Nominate A Young Leader!

The TLT Movement is determined to reverse deadly cultural norms. Have you noticed the rising statistics in anxiety, self-loathing, depression, self-harm, addictive habits and more?


In a world where thousands of young adults become statistics, struggling with a lack of identity and no sense of purpose, TLT - Tomorrow's Leaders Today offers a solution!


Our proven results are making an impact. You can elevate young lives by NOMINATING and even SPONSORING young people in your world!


Let's equip students with the mentorship they need to envision a brighter future and the training to STAND, LEAD, and SERVE in their world.

"TLT has changed the trajectory of my life!
During my formative teen years, I gained powerful skills to live with purpose, be successful, and make a difference ."
Dalana Brimhall, TLT Alumni & IMPACT Team Member
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